Frutos Secos Teixidó - What we offer

In Frutos Secos Teixido, we deal with purchasing, shelling and almond
retail and wholesale. We have almond shell available as biomass for heating.

What we offer

  • Purchase of almond inshell.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Peeling and drying service.
  • Storage service.
  • Retail and wholesale of kernel almond in big bags and 25 kg bags.

We have at our disposer an experimental field to evaluate traits of new almond trees varieties such as: Vairo, Marinada, Constantí, Soleta, Belona…

For the farmers:
  • Subventions management by means of SAT Frutos Secos Seros.
  • Technical consulting by Crisol de Frutos Secos.
  • New plantation management with design.
  • Selling almonds trees.
  • Carrying out seminaries on almond production.

Frutos Secos Teixido
Frutos Secos Teixidó

Frutos Secos Teixidó